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Resume Boost is an professional resume writing firm that provides the highest quality resume services to clients at all career levels and all industries. Our team is composed of certified resume writers and professional advanced resume strategists. We will help you get the job of your dreams and advance your career. We are here to brand client’s careers and establish them as leaders in their industry. For many years we have been the primary resume service of choice for executives, managers, senior professionals and students. We offer a premium, highly tailored, methodology to create the perfect branding for all clients. If you are at the pinnacle of your career and hoping to take the next step forward, we are your ideal partner.

Our Professional Resume Writers

Over the past years, we have composed thousands of Resumes for people across all industries.

More Job Interviews

With the help of our HR professionals, we will help you get more job interviews in the Industry of your choice.

Our Service Guarantee

We have the highest success rate in the market—having assisted many clients from C-Level Executives to New Graduates.

100% Satisfaction

Here at Resume Boost we always make sure that all of our clients are 100% satisfied with all our services.

Our Service Stand Out

We write executive resumes, customized cover letters, LinkedIn development, job search and interview training and coaching.

Free Consultation

If your not sure about us or want to know more about our services, upload your Resume and one of our HR consultant will get back to you.

Our Flexible Pricing Plans

At Resume Boost, we have a wide range of flexible pricing plans for students, recent graduates or high level executives.

Better Job Offers

We train you how to conduct a professional job interview with our 1 on 1 interview training with one of our HR specialists.


Professional Resume Samples

Below is a small sample of our work, these resumes where designed and developed to represent client’s expertise, education, contributions and target goals. The names and addresses had been changed to protect their privacy and anonymity.

Resum Sample 1
Resum Sample 1
Resum Sample 1

Our Professional Resume Services Include

Building an expert resume, cover letter, biography or LinkedIn profile is more than listing your achievements. It’s about unleashing an unbeatable business case that promotes you as a ‘must have’ company asset. It’s about being the ultimate professional—projecting confidence, understanding and owning your successes.


We provide the highest quality of service that includes professional resumes and full-scale employment support services that catapulted our client success. When you are choosing a professional resume writing company, you are not only getting a professional resume document, but you are being supported by the expertise of our full staff working together to assess your needs. Our services include ATS compliant executive resume document, fully developed LinkedIn profile, resume distribution support, interview training and coaching and career counseling services that make you stand out in a highly competitive market.


For receiving the best resume writing services, your best choice would be choosing an executive resume writer. Ideally, executive resume writing professionals would charge a premium price for their high-quality service, at Resume Boost our executive resume writing professionals does not only guarantee the best quality resume writing service that gets you results but also guarantees competitive prices that is unbeatable in the Canadian market.


The final draft of my resume came out to be outstanding. After they have sent me my first draft and I told them that I didn’t like it that much, they started working with me and revised it until I was wowed by what was on there. I was very lucky to choose this service, now my resume looks outstanding and very attractive.


“I am really impressed with my new resume. I was also very impressed of how knowledgeable they where when I met them in their office. Overall their staff was very helpful and friendly and their prices were very competitive compared to others.”


“It was a very good experience dealing with this company for doing my resume, as they were very professional and skilled from the begining to the end. They even advised me on how to properly search and apply for jobs the right way, I also got the interview training package and I really found it very helpful. “


In the beginning, I was really impressed by how this resume was professionally made and designed, but honestly at the same time I didn’t think that it would be that good to pass through the computer program, impress the recruiter and get me the interview for the only position that I was targeting just 1 week after applying.”


It was my first time to do my resume professionally with a resume service company. My whole experience with them was amazing as they were very professional and answered all my questions and concerns, and the final draft of my resume and cover letter was top notch, it was even better than I expected.


Amazing service, excellent product, I would highly recommend them to any job seeker, they would go above and beyond to help you get employed.


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Here You Can View Our Latest Advice From Our Professional Resume Writers Team.

Our Professional Resume Writers

Our Professional Writers are certified with 3 prestigious associations that includes Career Professionals of Canada, Professionals Resume Writers and Career Coaches and Career Directors International.


As far as a resume writing staff we provide more than experience; we hold international and Canadian professional resume writing designations that are recognized by associations across Canada and the USA. In the end, many competitors claim that years of experience is everything when the fact is working with a decorated professional resume writer can be the main contributor of whether or not you are getting job interviews and finding immense success in new fields you have never explored. Whether you are transitioning into a new career or looking to be promoted to a new job, our professional resume writers will help you to accomplish your career goals and get the job of your dreams.

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